Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Online Affiliate Home Business Opportunities

Online affiliate home business opportunities are programs whereby you are able to earn money by selling products or services that actually belong to someone else. Another way of earning money through online affiliate home business opportunities is just by advertising for someone else's site.

If you are looking to join an Internet affiliate business program, it would be a good idea if you already had a website of your own in place. It should be one that is conducive to selling the services and products of the merchant that you have partnered with. To put it another way, you should have a niche market or one that is aimed at a certain group of people.

When someone happens to buy some of your partner's products by way of your website, then you will get a commission.Here are a couple of online affiliate home business opportunities for you to consider:Plug in Profit - This is a company that has been in business for four years. It offers entrepreneurs free websites as an incentive to associate themselves with the Plug in Profit website.

There have been thousands of affiliate websites that have sprung up in the last few years due to the efforts of this awesome program.This system has been created to be able to offer you income from six affiliate programs namely SFI, Leisure Audio Books, Empowerism, Host4Profit, Internet Warriors and Traffic Swarm. Once you have joined our company, we will build a website for you. Then you start bringing affiliates into your downline, and you are on your way to earning multiple streams of income.

You know the saying: "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket"! Plug in Profit is by far one of the best online affiliate home business opportunities available if you do not know how to go about building a website or an Internet business.

Performance Marketing - Another very effective and powerful customer acquisition tool is to team up with Performance Marketing. With an awesome program that is managed by, you entrust to our group of sales experts the job of promoting your products to their visitors.

This is done through newsletters sent by email, websites and loyal customer bases.To date, there are well over 2,000 merchants that are utilizing the Shareasale network. Each merchant has a different product to sell, and if you are successful at bringing a buying customer to them, they will pay you a commission on that sale.

It is your decision as to which merchants you wish to promote and how you are going to go about promoting that particular merchant. Make sure that you put your tools you received from Shareasale to good use. When your commissions are generated, then you are able to look at your stats. All payments are consolidated, and you receive just one check from Shareasale.

These are just a couple of the online affiliate home business opportunities available today. If you do a search on any of the search engines, you will more than likely find many more online affiliate programs you can join.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Finding Freelance Writing Jobs on the Internet

Making money with your writing used to mean that you were a newspaper journalist or a novelist. Not anymore! Thanks to the Internet, it's easy to find people interested in purchasing your writing, allowing you to make money with your wit and from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

The word corporation use for it – outsourcing. Our word – freelancing. They outsource jobs that only come along intermittently that are not confidential in nature. Some freelance writing jobs include:

* Ad copy for direct mail campaigns
* Web copy and information
* Product descriptions
* White papers
* Blogs
* Infomercials
* Radio announcements

Freelancers may be hired for one project, a brief busy period in a company's work schedule, or for intermittent assignments as they come available. For example, a company may need to hire a freelancer to write all the copy for their website and then no longer need their services. This is a one time project with a finite deadline that usually pays a big chunk at once. It's often difficult to handle any other jobs while working on one big project, but it's also difficult to keep these coming in on a regular enough basis to depend on.

An example of intermittent assignments usually come when you sign on with small businesses. They may only need help during busy seasons or occasionally as they get overwhelmed. For example, if a company hires you to write all the product descriptions for their site, they may ask you back when they add more products to their line. As they grow, you may be asked to help them along.

Regular positions include writing blogs everyday to help your employer earn money off ad copy, writing white papers on companies for executives as they need them, radio announcements for funders, and infomercials for production companies.

Whether your position with a company is short term or long term, for tax purposes, you are considered an independent contractor and not an employee. You will have to fill out a W-9 form along with the usual confidentiality agreements and contracts defining deadlines, pay, and other expectations for both parties. At the end of the year, you will receive a tax form in the mail which you will add to your other income and tally up how much you owe Uncle Sam. Remember, as an independent contractor, you are not only responsible to pay for taxes as an employee but also as an employer.

Other jobs that are associated with freelance writing and often fit right into a freelance writer's scope of expertise include:

* Translating manuals, documents, and contracts into English
* Transcribing audio files, DVDs, and tapes
* Proofreading or editing manuscripts, web copy, and other documents

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here's How You Could Be Starting A Home Business

Did you ever wish you could get paid just to tell someone how to do something? That's called management, right? Well, it extends beyond that. You can't pick up a magazine today without seeing the phrase "Experts Say..." Who are these so-called "experts?" What makes them an expert? Webster's Dictionary defines expert as "having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience." How will knowing this help you in starting a home business?

I bet if you think about it for a minute, you have a special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience. Maybe you know some tricks to making the perfect model airplane. Maybe you know the best way to get a used car for a great price. Maybe you even have a talent for explaining anything to someone so that they can understand it... say, providing instructions for "dummies"?

If you have this "special skill" or "knowledge" in a particular field, you might consider starting a home business as a consultant. Your target audience would be easy to determine, it's the people who do the work that pertains to your area of expertise. Now that you know what you have to sell, and who to sell it to, all you have to do is sell it. You might advertise in the paper, phone book or online. You can sell your consulting services on Ebay for a fixed rate.

An example would be to list an auction with a "Buy it Now" price of "x" amount of dollars for either a phone call, an email, a demonstration or what have you. Make fliers and pass them around town or put them in your local newspapers. Tell them why they need your expertise. Tell them how you came to know what you know and why they can't afford to not have your information.

Thinking outside the box when starting a home business is a huge part of your success. If you try to work at home selling the same thing everyone else is, or selling the same information as everyone else, you'll soon run into a wall that will never seem to remove itself. When starting a home business- be unique, be yourself, be successful.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tips for Parents with a Home-Based Business

Parents who run a home-based business are a special breed of people! Here are some tips for parents who are running home-based businesses.

1. Create a vision-If you do not have a vision for your life or your work, then you are simply floating in a sea of mundane tasks. You will be like a ship without a rudder. Your life will not have a direction. However, when you create a clear vision, it will put you on the straight and narrow course, and you can be assured that you will take the right actions at the proper time.

2. Build a support team -Without a good support team in place, it is easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed. Focus on things that give you joy and pleasure. You can always find help for the rest. This works in life and in business as well! Be sure to base your success on the things you are good at. Focus on your talents and build a support team for everything else. Success will surely follow!

3. Explore - Take some time out to search the Internet, find books, talk to successful business owners, find a consultant or coach and network. Research your market thoroughly. Formulate your vision and create a business plan that is realistic. You must realize that your business is your product. Begin thinking like a professional. Believe in yourself and your home-based business will surely be successful.

4. Take risks - As parents we tend to be caring, cautious, nurturing and careful. Think about this for a moment. If you were guaranteed success in your home-based business, what would you do? Give yourself a nudge to try something new. Make sure to challenge yourself. Allow yourself to climb higher than you ever dreamt was possible.

5. Surround yourself with other people who are inspired entrepreneurs - You should surround yourself by other like-minded people. It is not good to work at your home-based business in isolation. Make sure to connect. In this way you know you are not alone with your fears and hopes. You will also be able to find answers to your questions. You have many options available to help you find like-minded entrepreneurial parents. You could find a group on the Internet, attend networking groups, create a support group in your own neighborhood or join a coaching group.

It is hoped that you find these tips helpful as you run your home-based business and try to be a parent at the same time. If you can be successful as a parent and as an entrepreneur, then your home-based business will be a success.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

How To Qualify for Internet Typing Jobs

Two of the most common typing jobs you can get online and complete by telecommuting from home are data entry jobs and transcription jobs. Data entry jobs involve exactly what the term implies: inputting information into pre-made online forms or templates. Transcription is typing into a document verbatim the words heard on an audio file so that the conversation can be read instead of heard only.

Internet Data Entry Jobs

There aren't a lot of these available for some reason, but when they do come around, the employer generally wants to make sure they're getting someone who can handle the job. Expect a test of some kind, whether it's a timed test or an accuracy test, as well as a grammar and spelling test. They don't want to have to go back over your work and correct you.

You may also be asked to provide relatively detailed information about the equipment you have available. What word processing programs are you proficient in? You may need a fax machine, a scanner, and a computer that works at a minimum speed as per their requirements. You may also need to be available to them at certain times of the day by phone.

Make sure you send in a resume that looks as good as any document that you will produce for them in the future. Avoid sloppy, dashed off, note style emails about the position. Always be courteous, include a resume, and make sure that all correspondence you send is grammatically correct – and spelled correctly as well. It's one of the first demonstrations of your future job performance.

Internet Transcription Jobs

Transcription is a great way to earn a meaningful salary from home. More than data entry, however, it takes training and, if the pay is to be earned efficiently, the right equipment. You will need transcription software and a pedal that allows you to automatically rewind a couple seconds back into the audio file. There is free software available called Express Scribe for audio files, but if you want to transcribe CDs or DVDs, you will need to purchase software. The pedal can cost anywhere from $60 to $300, but it is absolutely necessary and cuts your transcription time to a tenth of what it would be without it.

To transcribe audio from meetings, photo shoots, and other non technical venues, no experience beyond transcription experience is needed. There is a high need for legal and medical transcription, however, and these require education specific to the field.

Find Internet Typing Jobs

Many sites offer current postings for these positions. Most likely they will list all the details of the job as well as their expected qualifications, time commitment, and the pay. Don't bother applying if you don't have the minimum qualifications at least. So many people will that it's a waste of both of your time. Look for transcription and data entry jobs at:

Many of these sites offer an email service in which you are notified any time a job meeting your specifications is posted. Other sites offer weekly newsletters or postings in which the latest job announcements are made available.

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